Fast current drift-rig options for steelheaders.

Posted on April 13th, 2017

Many southern Ontario anglers drift-fish slow to moderate current conditions. This is where it’s ideal to use float rigs with different size floats/shot-rigging to meet the varying conditions. But, how do you fish fast-water sections where steelhead are holding where even the “seams” they hold in produced a current that is 1-3 mph?


One is to go to a larger float and heavier shot. On the North America’s west coast large rivers it’s common to use large enough float “slip-rigged” or “stationary rigged” with up to a 1 oz. weight. This keeps the float rig drifting a little slower than current speed keeping the presentation in the a steelhead “strike-zone” as long as possible while still drifting naturally.


The other option is to go “old-school”, right size split shots about 12-24″ up from the hook and bottom bounce to those fish holding in the faster water.

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