Family Weekend

Posted on May 26th, 2014

I had a really enjoyable weekend with my family. The weather was finally nice all weekend, and we took full advantage of it. We had the kids out to the park, went on bike rides, had a picnic and even took my boat out for a short trip on Lake Ontario. My daughter isn’t even 3 years old yet, so we limit the fishing to micro trips. We launched out of Bronte and headed out to 110 feet of water Saturday afternoon in hopes that my kids could get into a cooperative lake trout or two. I had a difficult time managing to get rods out with rambunctious kids, so I kept it simple and put one rigger rod on bottom with a spoon and one mid-depth. Spoons didn’t seem to  be working well, so I put out a flasher and fly and it didn’t take long to get a bite. My son reeled the fish in with a North Coast mooching reel, and my wife helped by holding the rod for him. He tried to do it himself at first, but he is only 5 years old and needed some help with the rod. After a short tussle, I scooped up a nice lake trout for my son Brayden. It was his first lake trout, and he was pretty happy. We left right after we released the fish and watched it swim back down to the depths. My daughter will have to wait until next time to get a shot at one.

My brother and his 5 year old daughter met up with us at Lowville Park for a picnic on Sunday after we enjoyed another bike ride around our neighborhood. The kids played in the park, and we pushed them on the swings. I didn’t take any rods as I was too rushed for time, but my brother had a couple rods with spinners. We cast them in the faster rapids and my son got into a couple small juvenile rainbow trout, and a big tree lol. It was a great weekend with my family with great weather. We couldn’t ask for anything more.


My proud son with his first lake trout
My proud son with his first lake trout
I love the excitement and passion my young son Brayden has for fishing!
I love the excitement and passion my young son Brayden has for fishing!


Good fishing!


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