Family Evening Troll

Posted on July 23rd, 2014

I love fishing; all types of fishing, and with many different people. My most enjoyable time fishing however, is with my family. I like to keep the trips short so that my young children don’t get bored trolling around on the lake. Of course some toys can help fill the lull in between fish as well. I had my wife, son and girl out for a troll recently on Lake Ontario in the evening. We were only out for just over an hour, but it was a special hour that my family and I will remember. I really enjoy the entire experience of taking my family out on the boat, going for a boat ride, and fishing. My kids both love getting out, and it didn’t take long to start getting bites.

The downrigger took a shot with a TriggerX Twinkie rig but didn’t get pegged. Then the wire Dipsy rod took a rip but the same thing. After the third rip with no fish I was beginning to wonder what was going on. They must have been hitting short and not getting the hooks. Finally the 4th time the fish was pegged well and my son Brayden reeled in a nice little salmon.



He was thrilled. It hit on a frog racer Coyote flasher and TriggerX bait head with a cut herring strip close to the bottom. Just after we released it, the other rigger took a hit and started to peel drag. My son reeled it in most of the way, but then the  large king went nuts by the boat and tried its best to tangle lines in the Dipsy rods. I helped out and was able to clear the fish around the obstacles. In the net at almost 24lbs, my son was happy and a bit scared at the same time. The fish was almost as big as he was! 


My wife and daughter enjoying the time on the water
My wife and daughter enjoying the time on the water
A great way to end a great evening with my family!
A great way to end a great evening with my family!

The best depths were 100- to 130-feet of water down 50-feet to the bottom. The Dipsy Divers took the hits at 89-feet out on a 3 setting. The riggers were 55-feet down and 120. The surface temp was around 58F and the down temp was 42F down 60-feet. My new Cannon downriggers worked great, I love them! My new Fishhawk X4 also worked well to tell what the temp and speed was at the ball. This can be really important information while pursuing salmon, as there are a lot of heavy currents in the depths. The Coyote 11″ flashers and TriggerX Twinkie Rigs and Cut Bait heads worked well with herring strips. My best action was 2.4mph at the ball. I used Rapala Hydros reels and RType downrigger rods and RSC wire trolling rods. I have 30lb Sufix Siege on the rigger rods and 30lb Mason wire on the Dipsy rods.

Good fishing!


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