Fall Walleye on crankbaits.

Posted on October 9th, 2019

If you fish walleye in southern Ontario you know that crankbaits work well for them all season long. Especially trolled in Lake Erie and trolling them off planer-boards in the fall down in the eastern basin of Lake Ontario. Some of the biggest walleye of the season are caught in the fall and on crankbaits!

I continue to “crank” structure and weedlines right through to ice-up in many waters. Our good friends Michael Kumar, Jeff Wood and Gabor Horvat recently had a chance to fish together and were indeed casting crankbaits.

They were working near-shore structure from 8-15′ for suspended walleye during the day. The best crankbaits to use to intercept walleye at these depths if you’re casting is one that is designed to run around 7-10′ deep. Some of my favorite are the Rapala DT series, especially the Dives To Flat and the Dives To Thug. I find that the best presentation is just to make a long cast and reel in at a moderate speed. No need to twitch the crankbait. Using a braided line really helps for distance, strike detection and for hook setting!

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