Fall twilight Walleye.

Posted on October 14th, 2017

Keen walleye anglers know that fishing for fall walleye just as the sun is going down and after dark can be magical! Walleye make a major yearly migration to the shallows in the spring to spawn and in the fall to feed. Even though they can move into shallow water even through the summer months, It’s the fall when thousands of them migrate to these rich feeding areas before the lakes freeze-over.


In the fall, walleye can be caught in the shallows in the least expected places. Anglers can just be casting off the dock in a shallow weed-filled bay and intercept a trophy walleye, or they can just troll of shorelines and find random fish feeding here and there in water less than 10′. I find the best places to intercept these fish at dusk and just after dark is casting to “contact-points” like where the main-lake weeds meet rocky points, shallow shoals & reefs, & near moving water, especially below rapids, waterfalls and dams.


In shallow water trolling with long-lines and a floating, shallow-running, minnow-imitating hard lure works great. The Original Rapala is the classic lure to use. If you plan on casting, it’s tough to beat either fishing the Rapala Husky Jerk or Jointed Rapala in the smaller sizes. Steady retrieve works best, no need to try and get the lure to dive down in just a few feet of water. If there is a walleye there, it will find your lure!

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