Fall steelhead on “soft-beads”.

Posted on November 10th, 2018

Fall is an amazing time of year when leaves in Canada turn into the most dramatic colors, the air feels fresh and we receive rain which brings in our Great Lakes migratory fish. Manhy anglers that fished our warm lakes all summer change their focus to hooking river Chinook, Coho and Atlantic salmon and Steelhead and migratory Brown Trout.

When Great Lakes tributary salmon are spawning, their eggs drift down-stream to awaiting trout and a mix of coarse fish. This is the best time to fish imitation salmon eggs in different colors to fool those fish that are gobbling-up eggs from spawning salmon.

I have discovered recently the most natural, soft-beads that work extremely well for making a single-egg presentation. I’m talking about the Cleardrift Float soft-beads hand-poured in Coquitlam, BC. Rob Edwards the owner personally works with his son to produce these realistic, soft-beads. Rob has a rich heritage of fishing much of his life for Great Lakes tributary salmon & trout from the Burlington, ON region. Today he spends much of his time making soft-beads and selling them throughout North America & New Zealand.

Rigging soft-beads takes a little more finesse then pegging a hard-bead, but the extra attention to detail is invaluable. First a rubber “bobber-stop” is affixed to the line, next, one of the beads is threaded through a needle and the needle eye is threaded with the leader. The soft-bead is then slid onto the leader, down to the bobber-stop and slip firmly over the bobber-stop. This keeps the egg at the desired distance from the hook but still enable the angler to move it up or down without damaging the egg. Most anglers use a small hook and keep the soft-bead anywhere from 1-4″ up from the hook.

The key advantage of fishing the Cleardrift Floats soft-bead is it’s amazing lifelike color and texture. When a fish does take it, it holds on to it giving the angler time to make a gently yet firm hook-set!

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