Fall Smallmouth & Walleye action.

Posted on November 23rd, 2021

John & Connor Grdosic had good fishing on the Lower Niagara drifting in 18-25′ water fishing tubes along the bottom structure/current breaks.

Smallmouth Bass
Connor Grdosic holds up a chunky Lower Niagara River Smallmouth Bass.

Fall is a great time to catch both Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and a mix of Steelhead fishing the same runs in the Lower Niagara.

Smallmouth Bass
John Grdosic with an “eating-size” Walleye from the Niagara River. Many of the fall Walleye average 3-7 lb.

Walleye tend to hold in the same slower runs and back-currents as the Smallmouth Bass do.

Smallmouth Bass
Fast dropping, slip spoons work well vertically jigged on bottom in the Niagara River for both fall Bass & Walleye

I have done really well jigging a vertical jigging spoon like a Mr. Champ or Luhr Jensen Crippled Herring in the 1/2 oz. size just off the bottom. I have even hooked nice fall Walleye using the same technique on the Niagara bar.

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