Fall Smallmouth Bass.

Posted on October 5th, 2021

As water temperatures drop below 70F in southern Ontario dedicated Smallmouth Bass anglers know that Smallies become very active and head back to shallow-water feeding heavily on smaller fish and crustaceans.

Fall Smallmouth Bass.
The Rapala Skitter Pop is one of the most effective top-water lures for surface feeding fall Smallmouth Bass.

This is an excellent time of the year to experience some of the best top-water fishing especially using poppers and top-water lures that look like injured baitfish on the surface.

Fall Smallmouth Bass.
Gabor smiles as he holds up an average-size fall Smallmouth Bass he caught fishing shallow-running crankbaits along rocky shorelines.

The beginning of fall is also a great time to fish shallow-running crankbaits that have the same silhouette as the baitfish the Smallies are feeding on.

Fall Smallmouth Bass.
Fall Smallmouth Bass are usually plump and feeding heavily on shorelines as shallow as 2′ in depth.

Key areas to fish are rocky points & rocky shorelines in the 4-12′ depths. Some of the best action will be early and late in the day with late afternoon outings very productive. Gabot Horvatt has a chance to fish with his buddy Drago and they had non-stop action cranking a southern Ontario reservoir. When water temperatures really drop, Smallmouth Bass will head to open, deeper water structure to winter in.

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