Fall shoreline Lake Trout.

Posted on December 9th, 2021

Lake Trout in southern Ontario spawn in the fall and are usually finished spawning by the end of Nov. Many anglers take advantage of the Lake Ontario Lake Trout opener on Dec.1 where they can intercept Lake Trout that have come off the spawning beds heading back to open water.

Garrett Wood smiles as he landed a nice fall Lake Trout casting lures off the rocks.


Our good friends the Woods along with Michael Kumar had a chance to cast lures along the shoreline and experience some trophy Great Lakes Lake Trout fishing.

Fall Lake Trout.
Michael (Catch) Kumar holding up to his nickname landing a few shoreline Lake Trout.

They were casting #4 Vibrax Spinners, Blade Baits, 7-9cm Rapala crankbaits and hooking up Lakers up to the mid-teens in weight.

Fall Lake Trout
Blue Fox “Classic” Vibrax Spinners are hard for hungry fall Lake Trout to resist.

Good locations to intercept Lakers from shore are most of the Harbour and river mouths in the south-western area of Lake Ontario from Jordan Harbor to the Niagara River.

Most of the deeper-sloping shorelines along Lake Ontario piers and break-walls have large rocks which can be dangerous especially if waves have covered the rocks and they freeze. Extreme caution should be used climbing over these rocks especially when trying to land fish.

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