Fall rains bring runs of silvers!!

Posted on November 9th, 2017

As Chinook salmon fishing starts to taper-off in the Lake Ontario tributaries with many of the salmon getting pretty beat-up from spawning recent rains are flushing many of those fish down-stream from their spawning areas and attracting fresh steelhead to harbor mouths and the lower sections of tributaries. The feature image shows Bruno Meladoro holding up a fresh-run beauty.


Our friend Frank Roy sent us these images of bright steelhead being caught in the harbor mouths just in from the lake. Anglers are doing well either drifting fresh salmon and trout roe bags under a float, fishing them on the bottom with a floating roe-bag and sliding sinker rig, or casting lures like Luhr Jensen Kwikfish, Lil’Cleo spoons and Vibrax spinners.


This is an excellent time to intercept these silver bullets before they run up past the all-year and extended fishing areas in the tributaries.

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