Fall Pike tactics.

Posted on October 11th, 2017


Pike much like bass and musky feed heavily before water temperatures plummit and their main food source heads to deeper water.


Early fall pike will continue feeding around shallow-water weeds, but as weeds start dying and baitfish and smaller baitfish work their way to the deeper sections of the weeds and where weeds are thinner and grow around rocky outcrops, pike are nearby. Key areas to focus on pike are deeper weeds, weeds that lead to rocky points and weeds that are growing around shallow-water reefs and shoals.


Targetting deeper weed edges and isolated weeds around rocky structure can be achieved by trolling, but casting lures in and around these “high-percentage” areas is best. Twitching or slashing both hard body baits and soft-plastic baits rigged with just a #6/0 worm hook work especially well. Medium running crankbaits with wide wobbles with or without rattles work well continuously cranking at an intermediate speed.

Top Lures

HJ12_14_PCL_HERORapala Husky Jerk


X-Rap, Dives To 7 Flat


Lunker City Sinking Slug-Go


Lunker City Freaky Fish.

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