Fall Pike and Smallies.

Posted on October 15th, 2018

Did you know that fall is one of the best time to target feeding Pike and Smallmouth Bass? Definitely!! Weather might get nasty, but both species become very active as water temps. drop and start feeding heavily.


Gabor Horvat knows all about taking advantage of cooler water temperatures and capitalizing on chunky Smallmouth Bass. His favorite technique is to cast crankbaits that swim 5-10′ below the surface along shoreline breaks and out from sparse weeds.


As water temperatures get colder, shoreline weeds start to die and both panfish and baitfish move out to slightly deeper water that has more oxygen. The gamefish are right behind and using life-like crankbaits that have a natural action can work especially well.


Pike also move out of their shallow-water summer areas and either cruise the deeper edge of weedlines or follow shoreline structure breaks. In either case daytime fishing can be excellent if you cover lots of water cranking minnow and panfish imitating lures.

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