Fall perching.

Posted on November 19th, 2020

Dedicated Perch anglers know that early in the year & late in the year are two of the best times to target jumbo Perch. Each year there are baitfish migration to shallower water and those happen in the spring & fall. Even though perch move to shallow water to spawn in the spring, they also take advantage of baitfish availability.

In the fall they move to the same areas and focus on feeding on the plentiful baitfish before ice-up. While most Perch anglers use small, live minnow on the very popular “pickerel-rig”, others use smaller soft-plastics on jigheads to target the larger perch.

Jeff Wood was just out this past weekend before the storm fishing from the Pelican International Argo100XAngler kayak, marked lot’s of baitfish around the 10′ mark.

He caught himself a nice fresh Perch dinner. He caught his fish between 5-10′ depths using small live minnows.

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