Fall night-time Crappie.

Posted on November 19th, 2020

Fall is a great time to catch Crappie that move into moving-water areas, canals, creek mouths and inflow/outflows of lakes at night.

During the summer Crappie will be dispersed throughout a lake and feed at different depths from 5′-20′ of water. Anglers often stumble on Crappie schools when they are fishing for walleye, bass and pike. But, in the fall when water temps. drop below 50F Crappie migrate back to the shallows to feed on shallow-water baitfish.

Jeff Wood was fishing a slow-moving river in Southern Ontario and caught his Crappie using a “pickerel-rig” baited with two small minnows. Jeff reports that the fish he caught did not show up until after dark. Crappie are usually very light hitters and especially in cold water their bites can be hard to detect. Best way to fish them is to use a sensitive slip-bobber or fish on the bottom with a direct, tight line to your rod tip so you can detect even the lightest bite!

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