Fall is Pike “twitching” time.

Posted on October 23rd, 2019

I love to target pike in cold water. This includes fishing for them early in the season and late in the season when most anglers have their boats in storage. This is the time to find pike cruising shallower water and looking to feed on baitfish that are either moving into the shallows (spring), or moving out of the shallows (fall).

I have found over the years the best presentation to use for these “cold-water pike” is a twitch-bait that you can fish slow and still have it produce a tantalizing action from side to side while keeping it in a pike’s strike zone for the longest time. The Rapala Jusky Jerk is definitely one of my all time fall pike twitch-baits.

When pike are feeding on smaller baitfish the Rapala Shadow Rap has produced like no other twitch-bait, especially in colder and clear water conditions. The Shadow Rap is almost a “finesse twitch-bait” and if you just “flick” your rod tip with a tight line it produces a tantalizing action even a lethargic pike can’t resist!!

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