Fall, dams, current & Walleye.

Posted on November 28th, 2020

Fall is a great time to intercept migrating, feeding Walleye right from shore where there is moving water that goes into a main lake. Timing to connect with these cruising fish is crucial. Getting to your favorite spot about 1/2 hr before dark and fishing for the 1st few hours of darkness is key.

Daniel Domingues recently was fishing fast-water areas in the Kawartha Chain of Lakes, ON and started fishing before dark using jigs/minnows and just minnows near the bottom.

At sunset Walleye that normally feed along the bottom commonly rise and suspend in the water column and start to feed very aggressively. That’s a good time to cast minnow imitating lures just below the surface like the Original Rapala in size 11. This is a floating lure with no rattles and it can be tough to get it to swim 5-8′ below the surface so it’s a good idea to add a couple of 3/0 split shot sinkers up about 20″ from the lure. Using a light braided line in 10 lb. test will enable you to have maximum castability and get the Rapala in the Walleye strike zone.

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