Fall cranking for Walleye.

Posted on October 10th, 2018

One of my favorite ways of catching walleye is to cast crankbaits along weedlines for crusing, feeding walleye. This method can be productive throughout the season, but by the time fall comes around, the walleye are usually bigger and more aggressive along the weeds.

joe kostyan walleye

Gabor Horvat was out with his friend Joe Kostyan doing some walleye “reservoir-fishing”. They did well on their outing but stressed to me that the fish were not everywhere. They had to find very specific weedlines that attracted feeding walleye and then really had to vary the speed of their retrieve.Walleye like a “lazy” size to size wobbling action from a crankbait.


Its no secret that one of my favorite walleye crankbaits to fish around the weeds is non-other than the Rapala Tail Dancer. Many anglers tend to reel to fast trying to cover as much water as possible. Remember that most spinning reels are a 5:1 gear ratio and to keep a crankbait swimming between 1-2 mph you have to reel slower and consistently. Best to check the action beside the boat to make sure it’s not moving too fast.

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