Fall Chinook Salmon.

Posted on October 6th, 2021

Anglers throughout the Great Lakes are enjoying the annual fall Chinook Salmon run. Getting them to strike in many of the smaller tributaries where water levels are low and clear is challenging, especially after salmon are spooked. Anglers fishing larger rivers where Chinooks can hold in deeper runs and pools can gave a great time getting them to take skeened salmon eggs, flies, jigs, spinners, Luhr Jensen Hot Shot and KwikFish lures.

Fall Chinook Salmon.
Fresh-run fall Chinook Salmon that are still in their silver/green colors take well and fight hard.

Chuck Rinehart who lives in Michigan, USA and just received a custom Ber Float Reel had an excellent Chinook Salmon trip on the Pere Marquete River, Michigan.

Fall Chinook Salmon.
Chuck smiles as he holds up a chunky male Chinook that is already in it’s spawning colors.

Chuck fished with his wife Michelle and guide Cody Leifers using a variety of gear.

Fall Chinook Salmon
A chunk of skeened (still attached to the membrane), salmon eggs fished on a hook tied with a slip-knot is one of the best ways to get holding salmon in deeper pool to strike.

They did best drifting a chunk of treated and color skeened salmon eggs under a float in quiet deep pool.

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