Excellent ice-Crappie fishing.

Posted on February 2nd, 2020

In southern Ontario we are now getting some safer ice fishing conditions do in part by a little cooler nights. Few anglers are heading out long distances in bigger lakes due to unpredictable ice conditions but other anglers are definitely taking advantage of safe ice on smaller lakes and closer to shore.

Josh Westerink who loves to catch Crappie in the Kawartha Chain of Lakes, ON has had to do some scouting by trying different locations and cutting lots of holes to locate larger Crappie. His work is paying off and when you catch “slabs” like the ones in the feature image its all worth it. Josh focuses on jigging with artificial jigs and some small hard lures. His best success has been in water ranging in depth from 20-25′ and fishing close to the bottom.

Voodoo Custom Jigs work great for targeting a variety of chunky panfish through the ice and in open water.

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