Ever catch a Ratfish?

Posted on September 5th, 2019

Ok, I have caught a lot of strange looking fish over the years, but this one that’s our featured image wins 1st prize! It’s a BC saltwater Ratfish that lives in greater depths and is often caught while targeting Halibut, especially near a slack tide. We caught our fish out of Kitimat Lodge, BC fishing the Douglas Channel. Tough to describe his looks without referring to a “rat”. It sure has an interesting face and tail. It eagerly takes artificial jigs and dead bait fished on the bottom and actually puts up quite a scrap for its size when you consider they often get hooked as deep as 200-500′. They have soft rays, but be warned of their one spine that can inflict a nasty wound!

Along with the Ratfish it’s also common to hook a variety of Rock Cod which are aggressive strikers and flounder all fishing the same drift.

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