Ever catch a Bowfin, aka “Dogfish”?

Posted on June 17th, 2018

Bowfin or “Dogfish”, no matter what you name it it’s a very unique fish that often surprises anglers. I have caught these fishing so many presentations while targeting outer fish; flipping docks for bass, wham…dogfish, casting spinnerbaits along shorelines, wham…dogfish, fishing plastic worms in-between cattails, wham…dogfish, fishing live frogs, wham…dogfish. I was so intrigued with this fish that I made it a point to do a 1/2 hr TV show with good friend James Beauprie on Lake Simcoe, ON. Boy, was it a challenge. It’s one thing to catch an incidental Bowfin, another to try and get 4-5 in one day to do a TV show. We did it, but it was hard work. You can see that episode by going to our Italo Labignan YouTube channel and typing in “Italo bowfin” in the search engine.

The features image for this post is a colorful Bowfin landed by Dan Mahler just casting a Rapala at dusk. So, don’t be surprised if you hook one this summer, they hit hard, fight hard and look very prehistoric!

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