Enjoying crabs in southwest Florida.

Posted on December 12th, 2016

One of the treats we enjoy weekly while we are in Florida is simply fishing in our canal without a fishing rod. When we target tasty Blue Crab, we use a simple crab trap that is baited with fish heads and carcasses from our days catch.


Arieshadella shows off a bait-loaded trap ready to be “fished” overnight.


You can see that Della has an excellent throwing arm to get the trap out to the middle of the canal.


Blue Crabs have strong pointed claws that deserve respect. I find that wearing Normark Fillet gloves work well, but if they pink your finger even with the glove on, you will feel it!!


When it comes to cooking them up, I just use beer and steam them for 12 minutes in a large pot…..delicious!! Professional images taken by Peter Yeung Photography.

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