Eighteen Mile Creek, NY producing Rainbows, Browns and Coho salmon on the fly!

Posted on November 28th, 2009

Thurs., night my wife Barb, Jim Westman, Winston Seto and I decided to overnight  in Point Breeze, NY  (to avoid all of the traffic at the border from the “Black Friday sales), and get an early start fishing Eighteen Mile Creek, NY.  We knew that there would be lot’s of anglers out right after the American Thanksgiving so we arrived on the creek around 6:30am.  There were porbably30-50 anglers already disperesed on the river, but that was to be expected.  Most of them had gone up to the upper-reaches near the Burt Dam.  We decided to fish the lower stretch below the railway bridge abutments.  Water levels were low again, and the water discolored having about 8” of visibility (which is excellent for tributary fishing).  As soon as we started fishing, anglers around us were hooking up fish.  We were all equipped with fly rods and I hooked the first brown about 20min. after we arrived.  It turned out to be a trophy female brown, full of eggs and probably weighing around the 10 lb. mark.  For the next few hours we had excellent action catching both browns and rainbows using a variety of flies.  I did best using a small, single egg fly.  Barb landed two of the biggest rainbows.  In the afternoon, when most of the anglers had cleared-out Barb and I decided to go up-stream and try fishing at the base of the dam.  Jim & Winston decided to fish an intermidiate stretch of water.  Barb & I were able to finish the day off catching a nice brown and a trophy female Coho salmon right at the base of the dam.  Both fish were again caught on a single-egg fly.  Jim & Winston ended up catching more fish and Winston landed the largest brown of the trip weighing around the 12 lb. mark!!  All in all we caught lot’s of fish, enjoyed another fonderful fall day and had a great time fishing with our friends.

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