Easy way to make your fish jaw-spreader more fish-friendly.

Posted on March 2nd, 2015


Chris Denny reside in Manitouwadge, Ontario  where he fishes regularly for walleye and pike. He spends countless hours on soft and hardwater fishing these toothy critters. He was watching one of our recent TV programs where we were using a standard jaw spreader to unhook a fish & he decided to send us a tip on converting this simple tool to a less invasive form.

Chris makes rubber pads and glues them to the ends of the spreader (it requires twisting the ends in a vise to afford a better contact wih the rubber pad).  Chris has found that Marine Goop is the best glue for this project.  His alteration results in less stress on the fish you are going to release and works equally as well as the original to keep their jaws open while removing hooks.  Chris, Thanks for the excellent tip.

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