Early ice Brook & Splake action.

Posted on November 28th, 2019

With cold temperatures upon us and early ice forming on smaller lakes ice anglers are eager to get out and catch Brook & Splake which will be cruising just off the shorelines. Early ice can be very dangerous and we stress to use extreme caution if you are thinking of venturing out.

Andrew Yeung had a chance to fish a small lake for trout and found between 2-3″ of solid ice. We recommend you wait until there is at least 6″ of clear, solid ice before venturing out.

Andrew fish roe bags, that’s right roe bags on light line on a small hook and a couple split-shot sinkers just off the bottom in 6-8′ of water. As we get into winter trout in small lakes will start to venture throughout a lake and will get tougher to locate as the winter goes on.

If you do plan on going out, make sure to have someone with you (in case of emergency), have a long rope with you and wear a full-body flotation suit.

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