DSM Dyneema introduces UHMWP in black.

Posted on November 13th, 2015

DSM Dyneema introduces UHMWP in black | Lines, Product News – Angling International


DSM Dyneema has unveiled a new development that will provide further exciting opportunities for line manufacturers. Acclaimed as the world’s strongest fibre on a weight-to-weight basis, the Dyneema-branded UHMWP (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibre) is now available in black. Already a vital component in some of the world’s top fishing lines, the permanent colouration – combined with Dyneema’s other qualities – extends the scope available to the fishing market, says the Netherlands company. Dyneema fibre has until now only been available in its natural white colour. Users requiring colour had to post-treat it. But UHMWP fibres are almost inert chemically so colours are only on the surface and tend to wear off. “We expect new applications to arise where the fibre needs to be invisible or nearly invisible,” says DSM Dyneema, the developer and producer of Black Dyneema. “This new product will open up important new opportunities for the Dyneema fibre family.” Black Dyneema is similar to natural white Dyneema fibre, except that it is permanently coloured throughout its cross section. The colouring process has no effect on any of the key mechanical properties or smooth surface of the fibre. High breaking strength, low density, low elongation, excellent durability and moisture and UV resistance are all retained. The fibre is already used in applications that range across sectors as diverse as sports and leisure, aquaculture and protective apparel.

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