Drum, Drum!

Posted on June 18th, 2020

If you’ve been out for Walleye where Freshwater Drum are common you may have hooked more Drum then Walleye. While these fish are frowned upon by many, myself and many other anglers enjoy catching them, especially when other species aren’t so cooperative!

Drum can feed on the bottom and can be easily caught while jigging for walleye or bass.

They can be suspended in the Great Lakes like Trout & Walleye even over water that is 60′ deep and often caught by trolling crankbaits and worm harnesses.

They can also feed along weedlines and are often hooked on spinnerbiats, crankbaits and soft-plastics intended for Bass, Walleye & Pike. To me they are a versatile fish that adapts to changing conditions, they can grow to over 20 lb. , they can hit very aggressively and they put up an excellent fight!

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