Double-header Amberjacks, FL.

Posted on January 14th, 2016

There are lot’s of hard-fighting fish you can target when you fish the Gulf in southwest Florida, but one of the most enjoyable is going after amberjacks.


On a recent trip with our good friends Tom Mohr and Jamie Shepherd, we decided to catch some blue runners for bait and to head out about 11-miles in the Gulf to a productive amberjack spot. We were not disappointed!


As we got to our area we could see baitfish feeding on the surface and larger fish feeding on them. This is exactly what we were looking for. We immediately set our lines rigged with free-lined blue runners (just a hook/leader, no additional weight), to swim right on the surface.


Within a few minutes we saw an explosion on the surface and a big amberjack inhaled Jamies baitfish. The fish immediately headed down towards the bottom.


Jamie started doing the “boat-hop-scotch” chasing the fish from one side of the boat to the other.


You can tell when an angler starts to fatigue from fighting a big amberjack because they finally have to sit down to fight their fish.


As Jamie was fighting his amberjack, Tom hooked into a fish as well and it was “double-header” time.


Jamie’s amberjack turned out to be a 70 lb. fish.  And Tom’s just a little smaller. Both fish were landed and it was time for a lunch break for the boys to get their energy back. In all we landed 6-amberjacks in just a few hours with excellent surface conditions!

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