Does “hook-size” matter for steelhead?

Posted on March 8th, 2016

How important is hook-size when steelheading and why? From my experineces there are several factors to consider when choosing the size of your steelhead hook whether you are using roe bags, flies, beads, or single imitation eggs.


Some things to consider:

-larger hook size sinks faster, they have bigger shaft diameter, they may be more visible, they may be more likely to hook bottom obstructions in slower flows. All these factors or OK if you up-size and are fishing deeper water/larger tributaries like the Niagara, plan on going with a heavier leader (larger hooks need more torque to set into a fish than a smaller hook with a low shaft diameter), and are fishing faster flows where fish have little time to look at your presentation, but have to decide quickly to pass or hit.

-smaller hooks sink slower, thinner shaft diameter, less visible, especially in clear water, less likely to hook bottom obstructions. All these factors are important when fishing slower flows, clear water and using a lighter leader (a small hook needs less torque to set into a fish than a larger hook with a larger shaft diameter).

Does hook size matter, I think it matters a lot…just saying.

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