Do you love bass fishing enough to have a full-size Tattoo done on your torso?

Posted on January 12th, 2010

amandas_bass_tattooDo you love bass fishing enough to have a full-size bass Tattoo done on your torso?  Some people have!!  I have various friends that have tattooed their favorite fish or lure on their body ranging from a koi (carp), to trout, flies and Rapalas.  When my oldest daughter Amanda told me she had just finished a large bass tattoo on a customer, I asked her to please send it to me so that I could share it with everyone.

Amanda is an accomplished artist and Tattooist.  She has done Tattoos as far as in Florida, New York, & even in Germany.  She presently works out of two Tattoo shops, Way Cool at Bathurst & Queen in Toronto, ON, and Anchors at Guelph Line and New Street in Burlington, ON.  You can view Amandas work by checking out her website.  If you’ve thought of having a Tattoo done, and you want it to be perfect, just email Amanda and let her know your idea, she can make it come true!!

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