Detroit River, ON spring Walleye update.

Posted on March 23rd, 2021

I know many anglers are excited to take advantage of the amazing Detroit River, ON early spring Walleye fishery. We have heard reports that stained water has made fishing tough but big females are still being caught throughout the lower section of the river up from Lake Erie to La Salle, ON. Most anglers are jigging 5/8 oz. round jigheads tipped with a 4″ soft-plastic plastic worm, imitation minnow  like the Italo’s Minnow from Fishing Compete and the Mad Tom Goby imitation.

Best walleye have been caught on the current and structure breaks in 15-25′ water. Key areas to locate some of the larger female Walleye is around subtle structure breaks that create current “lags” around the structure. The big females will soon be done spawning had head back down to the lake while the eating-size male Walleye will continue to be in the river until June. The key is to keep the jig tight to the bottom and make short strokes swimming it with the current. If you don’t see your line go slack on your down stroke from touching the bottom, adjustments have to be made to let line out and as the drift gets shallower adjustments need to be made to reel in some of the line so that you have steady bottom contact but not dragging your jig and getting it snagged on bottom.

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