Deliceous Crayfish.

Posted on August 26th, 2021

Many anglers know that crayfish are excellent bait especially for Smallmouth Bass but how many anglers know that freshwater crayfish are also excellent eating?

Conner Grdosic wades back to shore with two minnow traps full of tasty Crayfish.

The Grdosic family knows this well and just recently enjoyed catching crayfish from a clear-water stream simply using minnow traps.

Minnow traps loaded with some fish scraps work well for catching Crayfish.

Crayfish can be easily caught by baiting a minnow trap with fish scraps. Leaving the traps in deeper stream pool for a day or two can result in 30-50 crayfish in each trap.

Simple vegetables cut up and boiled make for an excellent broth when you add Crayfish.

A great way to enjoy Crayfish is to cook them up with some fresh vegetable and corn.

A big pot that can hold 1-2 gallons of water is ideal to make a vegetable, corn and Crayfish boil.

All you need is a big pot, cook up the vegetable first and then add the Crayfish which don’t take long to cook.

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