Crayfish anyone?

Posted on February 27th, 2018

I love to eat fish, including crayfish! That’s right, freshwater crayfish. Did you know there is a limit on how many crayfish you are allowed to catch as a daily limit in Ontario? That’s right, they are covered in our Ontario Sportfishing Regulations. The reason being, anglers will either use them for bait, or they will enjoy them to eat.

I have done TV segments where I have taught people how to clean them properly and deep-fry them by simply coating them in flour. Crayfish are delicious eating, especially if they are prepared fresh.

IMG_4399 crayfish

Our friend Yukka Leino from Finland knows what i’m talking about. He regularly catches crayfish that are the size of small lobsters. Anglers can catch crayfish by using a chunk of fish like sucker meat on their hook (the crayfish grab the meat with them claws and won’t let go), or they use special ‘”crayfish traps” that you can purchase form Cabela’s or Bass Pro. Those traps are loaded with fish entrails and left overnight. The next day there is usually quite a few crayfish that could not resit a fish-meal!

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