Crappie on large crankbaits?

Posted on August 11th, 2017

Sometimes I wonder if some fish realize how small they are. What I mean is, how many times have you caught a small fish on a lure that’s longer than the fish. It could be a small bass, perch, sunfish or even a crappie.


On a recent crankin’ outing for walleye & pike, I kept hooking intermediate size crappie on crankbaits meant for much larger fish. I cranked fast and slow and consistently caught crappie.  I cranked deep and closer to the surface, and caught crappie. I know that their diet changes seasonally, but hooking them on the larger crankbaits with regularity is unusual. It taught me a lesson that I should always have my ultralight outfit in the boat with a handful of small jigs and slip-bobbers to capitalize on stumbling onto these scrappy crappie!

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