Crappie ice fishing isn’t so bad.

Posted on January 31st, 2018

With jumbo perch getting much attention by ice anglers and rightly so since if you find a school of good-size perch, you can stay on them for quite a while before they move on.


Crappie on the other hand are a little tougher to find and in most cases finickier to catch. This is probably due to the fact that they may not feed all day long like perch, but start feeding at dusk and through the night.


We have been getting good reports of anglers catching nice crappie just before dark and in shallower water. Bill Selby was fishing with Josh Westerlink in the mid-Kawarthas and caught these two large crappie fishing small epoxy jigs just off the bottom.

Ed Dolstra was fishing Lake Scugog and has been consistently catching good eating size crappie fishing in only about 5-7′ water with small live minnows.  Crappie fishing may not be as fast as jumbo perch, but if you find larger fish, it’s worth the effort.

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