Crappie ice-action.

Posted on February 14th, 2017

Mid to late winter can produce some of the top ice-crappie action as these fish start to move in many areas from deeper water and closer to their ice-out areas where they congregate in higher concentrations and feed very heavily. When the ice melts, they usually head for the warming waters that have a good food supply and that’s when you can enjoy some of the best open-water crappie fishing of the year.


Jeremy Patey was out with his friend Baley recently and enjoyed some true crappie fishing through the ice.


Most anglers regard a crappie as being trophy-size when they approach 12″. You can see from the image above that these fish were “slabs”. While smaller crappie can be easily caught on light 1/16 oz. jigheads and live grubs like maggots and wax-worms, larger crappie won’t hesitate in taking a well presented minnow or even a 1/8 oz. jig/ 2 1/2″ Lunker City Fin-S-Fsh. Take advantage of the mild spells we are experiencing and intercept some of these trophy ice-crappie!



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