Cranking for weed Walleye.

Posted on August 25th, 2022

One of my favorite techniques to catch summer Walleye is to cast crankbaits around weedbeds and along weedlines. My strategy is to fish the deepest weeds that extend out from shore and meet deep-water drop-offs. I have learned that Walleye cruising in open water will come into contact with these “feeding areas” looking for small fish to feed on.

This is my favorite location to intercept Walleye using a variety of crankbaits that dive down to 12′ depths. One of my favorite is the Rapala Dives To series that enables you to fish the right diving crankbait for the depth you are fishing. Color is very important. I always go with bright chartreuse colors if the water is turbid from algae blooms and if the water is cleared my favorite is a perch colored crankbait.

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