Crankbait Freshwater Drum.

Posted on July 7th, 2022

My wife Barb and I love to fish the Great Lakes and especially the eastern basin of Lake Ontario at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River where you can choose from catching a multitude of different fish species.

Freshwater Drum
Freshwater Drum can reach weights of over 20lb and fight hard.

One of the most common to hook while targeting other fish casting crankbaits is the Freshwater Drum. Many anglers refer to the as “sheepshead” but true Sheepshead are a saltwater fish. Freshwater Drum are a unique fish as they have ceramic crushers at the back of the top and bottom of the back of their mouth where it meets their throat. They also have a “gizzard” which they use to pick up gravel (like a chicken), to crush their favorite food, crayfish.

While most anglers release the Freshwater Drum they catch I have come to respect them as an excellent eating fish if prepared properly.

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