Crabs=Florida Sheepshead!

Posted on January 20th, 2020

On my winter trips to Florida one of my favorite saltwater fish to target near pier and bridge abutments is the toothy Sheepshead.

These fish are equipped with human-like teeth that are designed to break oyster shells and barnacles and also to crush their favorite food…crabs!

Small crabs about the size of thumb-nail are ideal rigged on a #4 thin, sharp hook. You don’t want to use to heavy a hook as you need special care in hooking up the crabs without cracking the shell apart. These are gently lowered close to a pile where Sheepshead are feeding. Fishing depth depends on conditions. If its clear water and sunny I fish near the bottom. If the water is stained from a moving tide and its overcast I vary my fishing depth.

Sheepshead don’t hit-and-run. Bites can be very subtle and often your crab is gone without you feeling a thing, so have lots of crabs with you!

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