Cooler Temperatures & Rain producing excellent Steelhead Action in Upper, NY.

Posted on October 16th, 2009

I had a chance to fly fish in Upper NY again yesterday with my good friends Bob McGeown and John Waind.   It had to be the coldest morning we have fished so far.  Arriving at Eighteen Mile Creek, NY, the air temperature was barely above zero and the winds started picking-up right after we waded out to our fishing spots.  Armed with our fly rods and floating lines, we started drifting and joind the 1/2 dozen anglers that were fishign the same general area.  On my second cast my strike indicator dove below the surface and I had the first fish on.  It turned out to be a chunky male steelhead.  John Waind ended up hooking a “jack” coho and Bob McGeown landed the nicest silver male rainbow of the morning.  I also ended up getting a female Chinook that was full of “loose-eggs”.  Purple was again the hot color.  Besides the excellent fishing. We had a bit of a thrill when a large male Chinook Salmon which Bob had hooked and fought for about 10 min., ended up snapping his fly rod in a couple of places.  This meant Bob had to make the hike back to the truck to get his spare fly rod.  We normally take at least to fly fishing outfits this time of the season (when we know big Chinooks are in the tributaries), since having these big brawly fish break rods is a rather common occurance.  Don’t feel bad for Bob, we’re sure the quality fly rod will be replaced by the manufacturer!

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