Cold Temperatures is making for ideal Great Lakes tributary fishing.

Posted on November 19th, 2013
Trophy browns like this female will be waiting to be caught through Nov. & Dec. in most Lake Onatario tributaries.

Southern Ontario tributary fishermen will have a hard time choosing which tributaries to fish this coming weekend.  We have over 15-tributaries to choose from and all of them should have numbers of migratory brown, rainbow trout and some Chinook salmon in them.

With recent bad weather including rain, dropping temperatures and strong winds, more migratory rainbow and brown trout are making their way into all of the Lake Ontario tributaries.  The strong winds should have blown-off most of the loose leaves, and the colder air temperatures and rain would have stimulated more migratory fish to move up-stream from lower tributary sections.

Southern Ontario tributary anglers should be taking advantage of these excellent “trout-fishing” conditions and check-out the “extended” & “all-year open fishing” areas on the following tributaries, and also fishing the harbor and river mouths for staging trout:

  • Bronte Creek
  • Credit River
  • Humber River
  • Don River
  • Rouge River
  • Duffins Creek
  • Oshawa Creek
  • Bowmanville Creek
  • Soper Creek
  • Wilmot Creek
  • Graham Creek
  • Ganaraska River
  • Gages Creek
  • Cobourg Creek
  • Portland Creek

Top bait/presentation in the tributaries will either be fresh salmon and trout egg-sacks fished with a float-drifting presentation. With Chinooks still spawning in some sections it will be a good time to fish the TriggerX single eggs in pools and runs below Chinooks for both browns and rainbows.

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