Cold snap, more ice fishing opportunities!

Posted on February 15th, 2016

With the recent cold snap and more ice-building anglers have more opportunities to check out areas on lakes that were unsafe just a week ago. Now is a good time to take advantage of safer ice conditions and capitalize on lake trout & whitefish before temperatures start to again get consistently milder.


We are getting reports that anglers are having good results catching whitefish in many near-north lakes including Lake Simcoe. No surprise since these fish were literally untouched when anglers could not safely get out on the ice over them. Whitefish tip: Search your spots using a flashy spoon near the bottom first. If you start hooking whitefish on the spoon, stick to the spoon. If you see whitefish drawn to the spoon on your fishfinder but they don’t strike, change quickly to a jig/plastic grub or a Lil Foxee Jigging Minnow and “shake” either one right right on the bottom & get ready for very light pick-ups.


Same story with lake trout. We may have a  small window to get them through the ice, but we should take advantage of it. Lake Trout Tip: Fish a fast dropping, flashy spoon throughout the water column. If you spot a laker on your fishfinder always work the spoon up from the fish (make it look like prey trying to get away), don’t just jig in one spot. If the laker dosen’t response, quickly drop a heavier jighead/paddle-tail minnow down and aggressively work it in short jigs up through the water column. Lakers will usually chase and strike as it’s moving up!

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