Cold-front Smallmouth Bass Tactics.

Posted on June 20th, 2019

This posts featured image is James Law with a chunky cold-front Smallmouth Bass he caught jigging a Lunker City Fin-S Fish in 30′ depths.

When a strong cold-front hits, I mean a drop in temperature from 23C to 5C, both Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass can move off shorelines to deeper water.

While some anglers can get intimidated looking for them over large areas, I’m always look up to the challenge.

In deeper water my go-to presentation is either dragging a 4″ tube along the bottom or “shaking” a 4″ Lunker City Fin-S Fish near the bottom.

I make my decision based on what my Raymarine fishfinder shows me. If I see schools of suspended baitfish I stick to the Fin-S Fish. If I don’t spot baitfish on the screen I drag bottom with my tube. Great strategy that produces fish even under the toughest conditions.

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