Cold-front Bass tactics.

Posted on October 25th, 2018

We just finished experiencing fishing the coldest day of this fall this past weekend. Air temperatures plummeted to freezing and we woke up to a frost covered boat! Cold front do indeed result in lethargic warm water fish and if you add strong 17-24 mph winds, it can make for difficult fishing.

This is the time to pull out the lighter line, down-size your soft-plastic lures and use a “finesse” presentation working your plastic grubs slowly and close to the bottom over shallow water structure and weeds. We fished two presentations; a Case Plastics Wacky Worm on a VMC Wacky Hook and also a tube on a heavy duty #6 VMC worm hook. Both were weightless and allowed to free-fall slowly to the bottom.

We targeted shallow rocky structure surrounded by weeds in 5-10′ water.

I also had the chance to test a new Sufix Advance monofilament line which worked extremely well in the cold weather.

Bites were few and far between, but we managed to hook most of the fish that bit. That’s one advantage of fishing a weightless plastic grub, the fish that do slowly come up to it usually “inhales” it. You may not feel the take, but you can watch your line move to one side or the other and you know you have a fish on.

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