Cohos on Scotty downriggers.

Posted on September 10th, 2019

Besides fishing rivers for steelhead and salmon during our Kitimat Lodge, BC trip, we also had a chance to troll for Coho salmon in Douglas Channel. This weeks feature image is of Ben Reubeni holding up a nice BC saltwater Coho.

Saltwater downrigging is a little different then fishing the Great Lakes since you are always dealing with tidal currents. We ran our Scotty Downriggers only about 20′ down with a short lead and used frozen anchovies on a plastic anchovies head to catch our fish. Our guide Mike had an interesting set-up. He attached a flasher at the end of a 4′ line that was clipped onto the downrigger ball . about 5′ above the downrigger ball he attached a Scotty release on a clamp and then attached the main line to that release. The result is the flasher working just below the anchovies and when a salmon gets hooked up you get a much better fight since the main line is independent of the flasher.

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