ClearDrift soft-eggs for finicky Steellead.

Posted on April 25th, 2019

Mid-day steelhead fishing can be challenging especially if you have clear lower-water conditions where steehead can easily spot you as you try and trick them into taking your offering.

This is a great time to fish the ClearDrift soft-eggs in various colors using a small hook and light leader.

If water levels are higher and stained it’s a good idea to go up to a 10mm soft-egg and fish it above the hook to avoid having a steelhead ingulf the hook deep in it’s mouth.

If the water levels are lower and clearer and you need to use stealth in your presentation, down-size your leader at least to 4 lb. test, downsize your hook to a #14 and hook a smaller 8mm -4mm egg right on the hook.

Both presentations work well and can really help you get steelhead to strike that pass up roe bags.

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