ClearDrift for clear-water Steelhead.

Posted on May 12th, 2019

Steelheading can be one of the most challenging types of fishing when you consider it’s all about timing with regards to water levels, temperatures, turbidity and steelhead either heading up-stream or heading down-stream after spawning returning to the ocean or Great Lakes.

In Ontario we can have very murky water from run-off and very clear water after no-rain periods. While some anglers continue to fish small roe bags, others have discovered that fishing an artificial ClearDrift egg or cluster can work extremely well.

There are two ways to fish single imitation eggs. One is to use a bobber-stop that will anchor an egg about 1-3″ up from a small hook, and the other is to physically hook the egg onto a small #12 or #14 hook. Both techniques can work well. The main idea is to make the single eggs and small clusters to look as realistic as possible as they are drifted naturally to holding steelhead.

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