Choosing the right ice auger.

Posted on January 26th, 2016

I love to ice fish and appreciate using the right ice-gear and equipment at the right time. As all ice anglers can agree cutting holes is a pretty important part of ice fishing. It really helps to have a sharp and dependable ice auger. But, which auger is best suited for the type of fishing you do?


In my case I use a compact Normark 6″ manual auger when I am fishing early ice less than 12″ thick since I normally walk to my spot (no machines on thinner ice), the ice is not really thick so I don’t need a power auger, and I can fit the manual auger in my VW Jetta!


When I fish later in the season and in many cases venture miles out on a lake in search of deeper-water fish like lakers, whitefish and walleye where the ice is often up to 3′ in thickness, I definitely use a power auger. I like the Normark power augers in the 8″ hole diameter that are light and have very dependable motors for quick starts and hole cutting. Weight is really not an issue at that time since we normally use ATV’s or snowmobiles to get to our spots.

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