Choosing a proper fish landing net.

Posted on May 27th, 2020

I have used many fish landing nets over the decades. I remember when over 30yrs ago the only nets on the market were made of cotton. Later nylon was used as the material.

They worked OK to land fish, but the fish and hooks would get tangled up in the net and it took longer to get the fish out of the net then getting the hook out.

Today we have such a variety of nets for different types of fish landing; from “cradle” nets designed for big Pike and Musky to huge Great Lakes salmon and trout nets to small, fold-able nets to take on small streams for trout.

I remember the first rubber nets that came on the market. They worked well for not allowing your hooks to get stuck in the rubber and also for the fish not to get wound-up in the net but, they were heavy and deteriorated over time in the sunlight and I even had fighting musky go right through them!

Today there are plastic coated nylon mesh nets and silicone-plastic nets that make for easy netting of fish, they are not heavy, most of the slime is left on the fish, the hooks can’t get caught in the plastic coating or silicone-plastic. Make sure to pick the right net for you type of fishing needs.

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