Catching pike & bass from the Pelican Catch120 for TV!

Posted on September 18th, 2015

I had an amazing time today fishing out of the new Pelican Catch120 while shooting a Canadian Sportfishing TV show for the new season.


Conditions were calm and the weather was hot. I fished plastic grubs, the Arashi Deep 18 and the Rapala Shadow Rap Deep to catch lot’s of pike and largemouth bass.


The Pelican Catch120 is  an amazing fishing kayak that is extremely stable due to  the special “tunnel-hull” design. It’s spacious and very comfortable to fish out of (even Muligan enjoyed it). It weighs just 70 lb. and can support 400 lb. capacity.


I outfitted the Catch120 with Yak Attack accessories that included rail systems to quickly add/remove my accessories like the RAM mount rod holder, the Cell Blok fishfinder system, a Kayak Wizard Anchor system and Black Pak storage system.

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